January 14, 2014

Vintage Floral

Hey guys! I've finally finished my exams so three weeks of holidays and intense nail art awaits me. I've been a bit absent and in these three weeks I'll try and compensate it. Today I did a nice floral mani. I'm not that good at floral designs as you know but I got a really nice inspiration and I did this.

I went shopping the other day and I found a wonderful dress at a really good price and I had to buy it it's the most adorable dress and it's beautiful.

The nails are not a faithful recreation of the pattern. I just loved those flowers and how the colors looked together and I just tried something similar and simplified. I can't wait to wear my new dress but it's still a bit cold, maybe with a warm cardigan.

I used quite an amount of colors, as I needed three shades of each color for each flower. They nearly didn't fit in a photograph, and they are not reallly accurate if you compare them with the dress.

I hope you liked thisdesign. I have a tutorial planned on this design so keep tuned. I'll be uploading it soon, I promise. I have other things in mind now that I'm on holiday!

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