September 26, 2013

31 Day Challenge – Day 18: Half Moons (Blow Them Away)

Hey guys! Now I've started university again I can't do my nails so often but here I am with a new mani for the 31 day challenge. The theme was half moons something I had never done before but this idea came to my mind, what do you think? Half moons with an explosive twist!

They were fun and easy to do, they actually don't need very skillful hands. What I liked the most of this mani was doind the sparkle at the end of the bombs it reminded me of when I did my Lord Of The Rings nails, one of my favorite designs if not the my absolute favorite. These are the colors I used for this design:

I hope you enjoyed this design and you found them as fun as me. What do you think about the half moon technique? I would love to know if you have tried it and what designs you have tried. Happy polishing!

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