July 25, 2014

Strawberry Fields

Happy Friday everyone! I'm a bit busy these days with rehearsals and stuff with my choir. Summer is quite a busy period for us as we get lots of concerts but we are having an awesome time. Yesterday before the concert I had some time to do a little nail art.

I love strawberries and I had only painted them once for the Across the Universe design. I decided to try and paint some more starwberries and see how they turned out. I'm pretty pleased with how they ended up looking. Let's see what you think.

It's quite a simple design. In fact I didn't even plan them out I just went for it straight away. Little red ovals and the green little bits. Not as neat as I would like but it was quite quick.

Although it's not a perfect design I like it. It's kind of cute and playful. I enjoy painting fruit on my nails, those who have beel following me already know that I have some other fruit inspired designs.

What do you think of fruit pattern designs? Would you wear them or not? I think they are perfect for summer, fresh and cute. I hope you have an amazing weekend. I'll be back with a new design for the NAGG Challenge soon. Happy polishing!

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