June 23, 2014

Dream On, Aerosmith Nail Art

Happy Monday! And yes I just said happy and Monday in the same sentence. It has to be happy because it means it's only two more days until the dream of my life becomes a reality. Tomorrow I'm traveling to Milan to see Aerosmith on Wednesday.

I've been a fan for ages and I will finally see them in concert for the first time. As their song says, dream until your dreams come true, mine is so close. I'm getting everything ready included my nails for the wonderful occasion.

You all know I'm quite a big fan of the band because I've done designs before so you must understand how excited I am! Because I'm really, really excited!

For those who are not as familiarized with the band as me I will explain a bit my design. On my index of course the Aerosmith logo. The rest is a michrophone with scarves tied around it. Steven Tyler, the lead singer, always has scarves tied to the stand.

I love how the nails turned out and I can't wait to be at the concert. I'll be away for three days so there will be no NAGG posts this week, but I'll catch up when I come back. I hope you have a nice week and see you when I come back. Happy polishing and rock on!

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