February 7, 2014

Queen of Hearts

Hey guys! I am back from London, in fact I came back on Wednesday but I've been recovering. I was exhausted. I saw lots of things and I had a fantastic time. Let's get to what really matters, my new design inspired by Nicole gets Nailed.

Valentine's day is near and I wanted to do something related but not that obvious. I'm not a fan of pink and girly manis so I did this Queen of Hearts manicure. You could wear it for Valentine's day esasily. Eventhough I don't think a queen who cuts people's heads off is very romantic, don't you think?

I did little hearts on my thumb as I did little crowns on my pinky to finish the design. Even if the design isn't that related to Valentine's day I think you could pull it off, and if not it's perfect for any other occasion.

These are all the colors I used. I realised they are practically the same ones as I used in my Pick Me Some Daisies design, except the red of course.

I had a wonderful time in London and I wish I could have stayed longer, everyone loved my London inspired nails. But I have to go back to my normal life. On Monday I'm going back to uni so work and studying again... I hope this last weekend of freedom is great! Have a nice weekend and happy polishing!

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