February 22, 2014

Blue Baroque

Hey guys! How has this week been? After some days rocking my Warhol's Flowers I decided it was time to do some nail art. Today I bring a design inspired by one of my favorite nail artists as you all already know, Lindsey from Wondrously Polished.

The design is an electric blue damask pattern over a white base. Lindsey used a really nice mint color but I wanted a stronger color to go over white. My lines aren't as clean and neat as hers, but I quite like how they turned out. It's ironic that the first nail I painted and the one you can't actually see on the photo is the one I like the best, my thumb.

Furthermore I think they look better upside down than in the position of the first picture. Am I the only one that thinks that the pattern looks better on the thumb just because the photo is upside down? I guess that it's like when you see a drawing or picture upside down and you think its beautiful until you see it the right way and think... ugh no.

I know I still ow all of you a tutorial on my Warhol floral design. My laptop is currently being fixed at a shop so I'll try to get the tutorial up asap. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and happy polishing.

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