February 16, 2014

Warhol's Flowers

Hi guys! How was you Valentine's Day? I've had a wonderful weekend, I had friends over to my place, pizza, party and I even had time to do some nail art. This design, as you can tell by the title, was inspired by one of Andy Warhol's works and it's totally doable for anyone!

The design is really simple, in fact it's just some flowers over a black base with little green stripes painted on it. However, I really like how it looks. It's colourful and fun just as I like designs to be.

For those who by looking at my nails can't quite figure out what my inspiration was here it is, the artwork that inspired this manicure.

It's just some bright neon flowers over some grass but I really like it. In fact I really like Warhol's art. I once went to an art gallery and fell in love with his paintings and photographs. Do you guys like him too?

I hope you enjoyed this design and you had a wonderful Valentine's and weekend. See you soon with a tutorial on this design. Happy polishing lovelies!

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