December 17, 2013

Grown Up Floral

Hey guys! Yes I know..... I'm alive though I just wanted to let you know by posting a quick design while I'm still preparing my round up post for the 31 day Challenge and while I finish all the university work I have.

I was inspired by a wonderful design by Candice which I recently discovered on instagram @mrcandiipants. She is an amazing artist and has wonderful ideas for nail art you should check her out. This design looked easy and cute so I went and tried to recreate it using two tones of green polishes. I am really busy guys sorry I didn't even take a decent photo of them. These are the colors I used to create this design:

I promisse, well at least I'll try, to make some more nai lart during the holidays. What I do know is that during the last two weeks of january I will have a holiday too and no exams or papers or essays to do and I will do an intensive nail art week! I hope you liked this design and have a nice week. Happy polishing

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  1. I love this look -- the two shades of green are beautiful together, and the flowers are so perfect. Yay for mr. candiipants!!

    1. Yes I know she did a wonderful job with this pattern! Thank you :)