December 9, 2013

31 Day Challenge – Day 31: Recreate Your Favorite Challenge (Menage A Triangle)

Hey guys! It's been a while but this week has been crazy. I have tons of work I hope when I finish my finals in January I have some time at last to do some real nail art and make more than 8 posts in a month! Let's leave my stuff and let's get to the point. Today I am happy to present the last design of the 31 day challenge!! I can't believe it, I mean it's taken me like forever but I've reached the end!

For my last design I chose to recreate the ''Inspired By A Pattern'' theme in the challenge.

For my previous ''Inspired by A Pattern'' design I did Sherlock Holmes wall paper, here. I have chosen to make something totally different. The first one was black and white this has lots of shades of blue, the other one was nature-like patter and this one is geometrical.

I used four different blues and white to create this design. These are all the colors that I used:

I am so happy to have finished the challenge. It has been a wonderful experience. I will post a round up of all the designs shortly and I will make a kind of review of the experience of my first 31 day challenge. Until then you can find all the designs here. Happy polishing!

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