February 1, 2015

Ride Hard and Nail Art even Harder, Sons of Anarchy Nail Art

Hello guys! What have you been up to lately? As you know I've finished my exams and I have no classes now. However I have started driving lessons and I've been doing somo photoshoots so I haven't been exactlly on holiday. I've been watching Sons of Anarchy eveyday to finally finish the show and I'm nearly there.

It's been a while since I wanted to do a SoA design and I finally got to do some nice and intricate nail art inspired by the show.

I decided to try and paint the logo as realist as possible and try and get the type of letters as close as I could to the original. I think I did quite a good job, didn't I?

The base to this design is Black to the Roots by Catrice and the white is acrylic paint. It would have been impossible to achieve such detail with white polish.
I really don't want to take this design off, I love it so much I will literaly cry when I have to remove it. Until then I will show the hell out of this nail art design.

Are you a fan of the show too? Let me know if you like this design or not and have a nice end of the weekend. See you soon and happy polishing!

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  1. Nail art has been quite trendy these days. Girls do try and apply different nail arts on their nails according to the events and festivals. The nail art whoch you have shared look like you made it for Halloween