December 2, 2014

Storm Gradient Nail Art

Hello lovelies! After a week of rain and storms and a load of work I found a little "me time" to dedicate to some nail art and my tv shows. I wasn't really inspired but I remember seeing this design by Cotton Coney, and it was perfect for the terrible weather of that day.

I decided to recreate her design giving my personal touches. I hope you like it. I did a gradient and some detailed design. 

I did a gray gradient base background instead of a sparkly polish. I didn't use the sponge method but a flat nail art big brush. I later added the umbrellas and leaves and outlined them with black polish.

It's been a long time since I last did a gradient and the effect that the flat brush gives it is quite rustic and nice. What do you think? Do you prefere the sponge method or this one? I guess it depends on the design. 

I painted this design while the sky was falling in my town and I was warm in my home watching Sons of Anarchy. The lightning and the thunder were amazing but I didn't have to go out and it was so relaxing. I have little time for nail art now but when I do find the time to paint my nails I feel so at peace.

I wish I could say I will be posting more this Christmas holidays but it would be a big fat lie. My exams are in january and I will spend my holidays studying and in Manchester with my family. I hope you have a nice week and see you soon, I hope. Happy polishing!