July 13, 2013

Despicable Me 2

Hey guys! This afternoon I'll be going to the cinema with my family to watch Despicable Me 2. I'm a grown up 19 year old woman but who cares I still loved the first one so I must see the second one! I mean who doesn't love those little minion creatures right? They are so fluffy I'm gonna die!

I had to match my nails with the occasion so I did a quick minion manicure to go and watch the film and I really love how they turned out. Last yera I did a minion manicure too when I watched the first film and I can see I have improved a lot since then. If you want to see the mani I'm talking about just check it here.

I think they turned out pretty good, I really like my middle finger with the minion just popping out! What do you think? Are you also a minion fan?
On my thumbs I wanted to write Despicable Me but that was too long for my short nails so I just wrote 'Gru' and '2' on my other thumb with orange polish.

These are the colors I used for this design:

Well guys this is all for today, gotta leave and get ready to go to the cinema! Happy polishing!