September 14, 2014

Lines and Dots

Hey guys! I am writing today on my last hour of my last day of my holidays. This is a really sad moment that needs to be brighten up by some colorful nail art.

Last night, after a nail fail caused by the beauty of Charie Hunnam, I decided to paint something easy and bright with a nice selection of summer colors.

The attempt at a previous design to this one was, as I just told you sabotaged by the beauty of a men but the colors I chose for that design were just too nice not to do something with them. I decided to do a simple design so I could still admire Hunnam's face in Sons of Anarchy.

This is a really simple design with very vibrant colors which anyone can do, you don't need much just some colors, a thin brush and plus you don't have to be very concentrated!

I hope you liked this quick design. I hope that now that I will start working and studying again I will need some relax time and that means nail art. I'll try and be more active now that summer is about to end. Wish me luck on my first day at my new job. See you soon and happy polishing!

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