May 11, 2014

Spring Time Floral

Happy Sunday! What a weekend I haven't stopped, studying, working... But I found a little time and I put up together a quick design perfect for these hot spring days.

I really love this green polish I used by KIKO. At first I just painted my nails green and then I literally got some more polishes and started like doodling on my nails and eded up with this cute floral.

I started painting flowers but I didn't even know what kind of flowers were thay. What flowers would these be? I literally have no idea but I like them.

I wanted to say that this weeks until the end of the term will be hard on me. I will probably be a bit absent just until I finishe my exams, then I'll be back with lots of stuff.

I hope you liked this floral. I hope to finish my next design for the NAGG Challenge tonight so it can be up tomorrow. Have a nice end of the weekend. Happy polishing


  1. This is very pretty! And very well done considering you didn't plan it out =)

    1. Thank you! It's what they say, the best things are unplanned :)