May 20, 2014

When I Grow Up I Want to be a Mermaid

Hello lovelies! It's been some days I know. I'm trying to get everything done but I'm struggling, between final exams, projects and my dad in the hospital I can't get everything done. Lindsey and I are taking a little break from the NAGG Challenge, just this week and the following, don't worry guys.

Today I'm sharing with you this design. I've been wanting to do fish scales since I did my Dragon scales mani which you can find here, and also a tutorial here.

Many people suggested I should do mermaid scales nails when they saw my dragon ones and I thought it would be an awesome idea.

As in my dragon scales design all the colors are mixing different shades of blues to get the right tones or at least colors that looked shiney and mermaidish, if that exists. I mixed holos with greens and blues and I really love how it looks specially in the sun.

I followed the same steps as in my dragon nails, outlining, filling in and then outlining again in white. This time however, I used acrylic white paint. My fist time using acrylic paint and I really liked it.

I hope you all liked this design. Be sure to check my tutorial to make your own design. Ask me anything if you have any questions. I'll try to paint some designs this week when I need to take a break from studying. Have a nice week. Happy polishing!

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