May 31, 2014

Neon Summer Time Floral

Hey lovelies! My exams are nearly over me and my family as you know are going through a rough time. Things don't seem to be improving, and they don't think they will even improve. We must stay together and strong but it's hard to be focusing on such things like nail art. However I need some me time and painting my nails helps me to disconnect.

Today I'm showing you my most recent floral design. The weather here this week has been terrible and I need to feel it's really spring and not just a continuation of winter so I'm going floral these last days.

This cute floral over Vampire Is Mu Buff looks great, and even though it's not even sunny I feel like summer just looking at them.

It's quite a simple and cute design which you cold try with many different color combinations and even over dark backgrounds. I'm sure they would look great.

Thanks to all of the girls who have shown me their support here and on my instagram, I really appreciate it. I just hope everything ends fast because it's really exhausting. I hope you have a better weekend than I. I need to finish studying for my last exams. Happy polishing.

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