November 22, 2014

Born Pretty Store Review, Black Lace Nail Art

Hello I'm back! I've not been posting regulary this month but I have been crazy busy! I have so many things in mind I can't even spend some time relaxing doing nail art. Despite all the work from uni and my job and singing I found some time to finally start reviewing all the products Born Pretty Store sent me last month.

The first product I will be reviewing is a set of nail art brushes. I painted an intracate lace design inspired by Finger Painted using all these brushes and they were perfect.

Besides the fact that the brushes are adorable they work perfectly. I needed new and precise liners for my nail art and fell in love with this set. There are three different lengthes and they are perfect for designs like this one where you need different tipes of lines and lengths.

These brushes are good enough for small details and large straign lines like my middle finger. If you are a pro or you are starting into nail art I really recommend this. I might trim one of the brushes to achieve more precision but I'll leave the other two long as they are.  However they are really good liners quite precise and even though they are white they clean perfeclty with acetone.

I hope you liked this design and I hope you consdirer checking the rest of Born Pretty Store's nail art products. After you check their wonderful site you will want to buy something fore sure. Use my discount code for a 10% off. 

Keep in tune for more reviews like this and let me know what you think of this design and these brushes if you have them too in the comments. Have a nice weekend and happy polishing!

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