December 14, 2014

Abstract Christmas Trees

Well well well. Finding some time for nail art is difficult as you know, with uni and my job, but Christmas is nearly here and it's time to get festive around my blog.

I decided to start the Christmas themed nail art with a simple and abstract design. They are suposed to be a version of abstract christmas trees. Let's see what you think about this design.

I got all my christmasy green and red tones and made some simple leaves which represent the trees. It's quite a retro minimal design if you stop and look at it. I'm quite happy on how it looks.

I painted this design over My Vampire is Buff by Opi and I added my matte top coat by Flormar which I absolutely love. I quite like how this color combo looks over a neutral base. What do you think of the colors of this design?

This is a quick and simple design for this Christmas. Anyway, I hope you liked it. I'm going to try to post a bit more often, but it's not a promise I can make so easily. I'm going away just after Christmas to spend New Year with my family in Manchester and I won't be able to do my nails then. But I hope to do some more Christmasy designs before I leave. Have a nice end of the weekend lovelies.

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