March 22, 2015

Spring Time Come Back, Violet Floral Nail art

Long time no see. I think this has been the longest I've spent without either doing nor posting nail art. It has been a really tough couple of months. As you know I work now in the afternoons, and in the mornings I have university. Furthermore I am taking driving lessons now and I have rehearsals as yes pretty much I'm too busy for nail art and it makes me really sad.

Spring has officially started, and even though it doesn't seem to show here where I live...damm rain, I decided a nice floral design would be a nice one for my come back (I'm saying come back but I really don't know when the next design will be lol).

Violet and purple flowers over My Vampire is Buff by Opi sure looks like spring, even though I repeat the weather is shit. I really enjoyed getting some free time and paiting flowers again on my nails. It had been a while since I did a floral - I think, I can't even tell anymore.

It's in fact a really simple design alternating different petal numbered flowers with some leaves and greenish naturish stuff. I was just doodling at the beginning and it ended up looking so cute. Doesn't it happen to you that when you don't plan you designs they turn up prettier that when planned?

I can't promise more designs like often, but I will sure try. It really makes me sad not to keeup up with my nail art and blog schedule... before I used to paint my nails like twice a week or more. Now I have....wait for it...responsabilities. But well I hope you liked this design and that you enjoy the rest of the weekend. Happy polishing!

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  1. It is so nice of you to share nail art designs with us. Spring is here so it is easy to create spring inspired nail art designs with colourful flowers and leaves.