October 7, 2014

Abstract Nail Art: Earth, Wind and Fire

Hello everybody! I can't believe I've been almost a week M.I.A. I have no excuse, except work work work, uni uni uni. I haven't been very inspired this last days and I really lack the energy to look into some inspiration for my designs. Halloween is coming so maybe I could do some related manis to do something new. However, today I bring a remake of a really old design. I did this nearly two years ago, see here, and they were inspired by Nailed It.

I can't believe how much I've improved, lightning and filing the most noticeable things! This design is actually prettu simple but you can appreciate if you look closely how neater my lines have become and how better it looks matte, right?

I decided to call these "Earth, Wind and Fire" because it reminds me of an album cover by this band and plus it makes kind of sense, green is earth, the black doodles are wind, and the rest is fire. I don't know I thought it would be a cook name.

I hope you enjoyed this mani. I promise to get a bit more active now that Halloween is coming and I have some ideas, let's hope I have the time and energy too. Tell me what you think of my evolution on the comments and happy polishing.

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