October 24, 2014

Graveyards, Halloween Skyline

Hello lovelies! It's friday and another week is over. I hope you were looking forward to my new halloween design. I'm loving this month dedicated to halloween, is so much easier for me. Wait, what are you saying? You still havent seen my previous designs, go check them here before even continuing!

I don't really have the time to think about designs and having a topic makes it so much easier. Today I did graveyard sillouetes over Zoya's fantastic Darcy.

The design is pretty simple but I think it looks really great. I just painted different sillouettes of different sorts of graves and it ended up looking quite good. 

I just love how the black stands out with the yellow background. And of course the matte effect is perfect. You know I've been all about matte manis this month. I can't help myself. When I finish a design and put the top coat I always think...what if I make it matte? And many many times I end up doing it.

I hope you are enjoying this thematic month. I supose I will have time for one or two more designs. Any requests? I also have some pretty water decals from Born Pretty Store which I want to show you soon. I hope you have a lovely weekend and happy polishing!

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